is a cloud service that complements your Cloudflare® website setup with health checks and automatic failover1.

Reliable Checks

We check your website health from multiple locations2 around the world.


To eliminate false positives and unnecessary failovers, we check from multiple locations at every check-run. A server is considered as failing, if no positive result is returned from multiple checks.

This is done to keep the failover reaction time at a minimum. You can still configure custom timeouts and failback delays to adjust failover behaviour for your application.

Fast check interval

We offer 1 minute check interval by default. With the 30 seconds interval (enterprise plan), we offer faster notifications than many other external monitoring solutions.

The 30 seconds interval can reduce the failover reaction time significantly.

Instant alerting

When your server becomes unavailable we send an email to your login address (and to additional recipients you specify).

For instant notifications via messaging just connect your slack account.

Round-robin DNS support

Round-robin DNS is great to distribute traffic and load between servers without much effort.

In a round-robin DNS setup, there are multiple DNS entries for the same domain name that point to different IP addresses.

We check all servers frequently and remove failing servers from the pool by disabling the DNS entry. On failback, the entry is reactivated.

Add an efficient failure protection to your server pool in minutes. Learn more...

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Number of checks 310 50
Check interval 1 minute 30 seconds
Priority support  

1 By using the Cloudflare API. Cloudflare account required.

2 Check servers are located in datacenters in SFO, FRA, SGP. Also see FAQ for IP list.

3 Number of check equals the number of Cloudflare DNS entries to check / failover.