Keep your website up and running

Website health checks and automatic failover trigger for CloudFlare® API

Health check & Alerting

Ping and http checking your website and standby servers. Instant email alerting if your server becomes unavailable.

Automatic Failover

As soon as an outage is detected we change your CloudFlare settings to point traffic to your backup node.

Traffic balance

Split up your IP accounted traffic between multiple servers via switchover schedule.

How it works

You need a CloudFlare account and your website traffic running through the CloudFlare network (or use CloudFlare for DNS).

Our nodes check if your website is responding on your primary IP. As soon as your website becomes unavailable (i.e. server or network is down), all your traffic will automatically be switched over to the configured backup IP address. This can be another server or load-balancer – also in another geolocation.


We use CloudFlare API to change the target IP settings for your website.

Using the CloudFlare network (so CloudFlare acts like a proxy), your backup server is available in seconds in case of failover. This is no DNS failover that needs propagating the new IP address and often fails with browser or internet service provider caches for several minutes.

You can use our service for DNS failover if you want to (by using CloudFlare as a DNS provider). That way traffic runs to your site directly.

There can be multiple backup servers. All backup servers are checked frequently so there is no failover to a broken server. If all servers fail we point to a preconfigured website (optional).

You will be notified by email of the failover and the recovery (failback). Also if there are any problems with the backup servers.

And of course you can trigger a manual switchover to other servers with the web interface or by using the API.

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