Automatic failover and health checks for Cloudflare® sites

Round-robin DNS + failover

Round-robin DNS is an easy to implement technique to distribute traffic and load between servers.

To protect a round-robin setup against failure, we included another check mode: “automatic failover (remove DNS record)”.

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Cloudflare load balancing

Besides using the Cloudflare DNS setup to fail over to another server, you can also implement load-balancing for your machines.

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kubernetes email course (pre-sale signup)

Sign up for pre-sale of our 7-day kubernetes email course.

Learn how to implement a production-grade container orchestration in your own network using bare-metal servers.


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New settings to tune the website checks

To improve check stability you can tune your checks in the “Advanced settings” now by setting check interval length, open/read timeout and failback delay.

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Using slack incoming webhooks for notifications

The default notification is by email (to your login email address). You can add more address to be notified in your ‘Profile’ settings.

The second (and probably better) way for notifications is slack.


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